Wednesday, 28 December 2011

It was a lazy day as Gauri wasnt to go to her day care so i dint bother getting up early and had a really good sleep.But I had to wake up before 8 to fill the water tank as there was no water in the woke up,filled it and slept intention was not to sleep though but i didnt know what to do so early,ill just get bored after  awhile so i decided to wake up when Gauri wakes we woke up around 9.30.I made pumpkin veg which Gauri seemed to like but after a few bites she was more interested in having only chapati,she doesnt like cheese so was having it bland.then i made sooji-besan ka halwa but had to have it all by myself cos she hated the look of it. tried all the ways to attract her but she only came near when i uttered " kishmish,cheeni"...and after coming close,she'd again run away. Then I boiled eggs and she was happy eating it.Its such a joy to a mother when she sees her child eating something healthy and loving it motivates me a lot and i feel may be i should experiment more and make her eat healthy stuff,make healthier choices instead of the snacks.Today she was eating methi mutter too which i had bought about a month ago,then she had hated it.Iam happy that finally i can cook veg like pumkin and though i cant say how it was,but seeing my child loving it,i feel so proud.Thank God! I just want my baby to eat all good stuff,especially the things that i never liked to eat.It seems ages when i had had pumpkin last time,and now im loving it...cos she loves it .:)

In the evening i showed her some videos from animal planet,she took no interest...she likes to watch nursery rhymes and other baby videos more.she loved this video "Iam a Gummy Bear..."...awesome one.all the ones from "Baby TV channel" have v nice graphics in their rhymes.We watched some baby laughing videos too but i guess she enjoys my company more than anything. ;) her laugh is so beautiful, sometimes i spend all my day just doing weird things,making faces,creating new games with her to make her laugh.and she loves to copy me.

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